Carnegie Mellon Advising & Support Services has many services and amenities available to welcome students to the community. Once you enroll, you become part of the proud “Tartan family” and are supported in every way possible. From academic support to housing options and health services to campus safety, the Carnegie Mellon community is dedicated to helping you succeed both academically and personally.

Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs coordinates student services and the departments within the division strive not only to meet specific student needs, but to provide general student direction and guidance.

Academic Development

Academic Development offers academic counseling in skills such as textbook reading, lecture note taking, time management and preparation for examinations, as well as peer tutoring and supplemental instruction in traditionally difficult courses.

Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center

The Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center (CMARC) is an advising and information center that assists students and connects them to appropriate communities, services and opportunities by providing academic planning and one-on-one counsel. Its primary purpose is to build a supportive, intellectual and social community across diverse cultures.

Career and Professional Development Center

The Career and Professional Development Center offers career exploration, campus employment, summer jobs, community service, internships, the job search process, campus recruiting via the university’s online system, resume referrals, a Web-based resume, networking and interviewing service, alumni career services, plus career and graduate school counseling.

Equal Opportunity Services Office

Carnegie Mellon values equality of opportunity, mutual respect, and diversity. To this end, Equal Opportunity Services provides consultative services and periodic assessment of the university’s progress in, policies on and commitment to:

  • Compliance and policy
  • Disability Services
  • Addressing Grievances
  • Assessing Carnegie Mellon culture and climate

Carnegie Mellon also has Resources for International Students to help with their transition to the U.S and Carnegie Mellon.