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Transfer Applicants

Transferring to the School of Architecture

Whether you're transferring from another university or from one of Carnegie Mellon's other programs, architecture transfer students are classified as freshman and will begin in the first year of the five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree program.

Although we welcome transfer applications to the School of Architecture, transfer admission is limited for several reasons:
•    We only accept transfer students to begin classes in the fall semester (not for the spring semester), and we don't offer architecture courses in the summer.
•    As a NAAB-accredited architecture program, our curriculum is unique to our school’s degree program and consists of a specific sequence of co-requisite and pre-requisite coursework. 
•    Regardless of your prior college experience, our unique curriculum doesn't readily correlate with curricula from other NAAB-accredited architecture programs. 

Transfer Application Requirements

Transfer applicants are required to submit a portfolio of creative work, and schedule a Transfer Interview with the School of Architecture, in addition to the Office of Admission's transfer application requirements.

Please review our portfolio review submission instructions, keeping in mind that we strongly encourage transfer applicants to attend an on-campus portfolio review in addition to submitting their portfolio electronically. During the on-campus review, transfer applicants will interview with a faculty member, visit design studios and speak to current students. If you're unable to attend an on-campus review, you'll need to schedule a phone interview with the School of Architecture by January 1. 

For questions regarding the transfer process or to schedule a phone interview, please contact Alexis McCune, Coordinator of Student Programs in the School of Architecture, by email, or phone, 412-268-6390.

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