Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admission

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- Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admission

Choose Your Program. Change the World.

Choose Your Program. Change the World.
Financial Aid

Grants & Scholarships

Carnegie Mellon provides qualified students with need-based institutional grants and scholarships to help fund the expenses of college. Grants and scholarships are considered to be ‘gift aid,’ meaning that neither amount has to be paid back.


Grants can be either governmentally funded at the federal or state level or institutionally funded. Grants are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. Students wishing to apply for grant funds should reference our Applying for Aid instructions.


Carnegie Mellon offers the Carnegie Scholarship which is a joint need- and merit-based scholarship. The Carnegie Scholarship is awarded to artistically and academically talented middle-income students who qualify for little to no need-based financial aid.

Additionally, ROTC Scholarships are available to qualified undergraduate students.

We also encourages students to research outside scholarship opportunities. Please review the university’s outside scholarship policy for more details.

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