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Choose Your Program. Change the World.
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Interdisciplinary Studies

Exploring Beyond the Traditional Major with an Interdisciplinary Degree

BXA Intercollege Degree Programs
Interdisciplinary Majors

BXA Intercollege Degree Programs


Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) Program
The Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) Program is an interdisciplinary program designed for academically and artistically talented students who want to develop their interest in the fine arts, while also pursuing studies in the humanities and social/behavioral sciences. The most important aspect of the BHA program is for students to blend their interests, and to explore the connections between their chosen disciplines. The program also provides enough flexibility for students to broaden or deepen their concentrations, and to explore other areas in which they may be interested.

Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) Program 
The Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) Program combines the strengths of the College of Fine Arts and the Mellon College of Science. This interdisciplinary degree is designed for students who are gifted in both the fine arts and the natural sciences or mathematics, and who have the interest and the exceptional ability to pursue both disciplines simultaneously.

Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts (BCSA) Program 
The Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts (BCSA) Program was created by the College of Fine Arts and the School of Computer Science. It provides an ideal technical and conceptual foundation for students interested in pursuing fields which comprehensively meld technology and the arts such as game design, computer animation, computer music, interactive stagecraft, robotic art and other emerging media.



The Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe) at Carnegie Mellon connects diverse strengths across Carnegie Mellon to advance education, research and creative practice in domains that merge technology and arts expertise. 

The IDeATe curriculum offers Carnegie Mellon students of any major the opportunity to integrate one of eight unique interdisciplinary concentrations or minors into their degree. The themes of these areas integrate knowledge in technology and arts: game design, animation and special effects, media design, sound design, learning media design, entrepreneurship for creative industries, intelligent environments, and physical computing. The IDeATe concentrations aim to train a student to be excellent in one area of technology or arts and to be able to collaborate within diverse cohorts of technology and arts experts.

Interdisciplinary Majors

Carnegie Mellon University offers several degree programs and courses of study which are coordinated by multiple colleges, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the university. These are detailed below.

Check out the Office of Admission's interdisciplinary studies fact sheets for quick facts about the freshman class, faculty, graduate success, student projects and more.

For details about the admission process for the fine arts and BXA programs, please visit our Fine Arts Admission Procedures website

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