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Choose Your Program. Change the World.

Choose Your Program. Change the World.
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Mellon College of Science

College of Science for Innovators and Problem-Solvers

The Mellon College of Science (MCS) offers innovative programs in the natural and physical sciences. MCS combines the close personal contact found at small colleges with the modern laboratories and extensive research typical of large universities.

MCS students do more than study science. They’re breaking the boundaries of science. More than 70% of MCS undergraduates are involved in research. They work side-by-side with faculty and graduate students, and are integral members of teams that conduct cutting-edge research, create new knowledge, and advance their fields.

Science students have access to $28 million state-of-the-art interdisciplinary laboratory facilities. Optional first-year seminars are offered that explore various current research topics such as green chemistry, tissue engineering, organ transplantation and stem cell research. MCS alumni include Rhodes Scholars and Nobel Prize winners.

Mellon College of Science

Choosing to go to Carnegie Mellon means that you will do more than study science. Why Carnegie Mellon for Science?

  • Innovative curricula
  • Approachable and expert faculty
  • A close-knit community
  • World-class computing power
  • Access to the best facilities
  • Explore more than one field
  • Contribute to cutting-edge research
  • Outstanding career counseling
  • Comprehensive advising
  • Interdisciplinary


Check out the Office of Admission's Mellon College of Science Fact Sheet for quick facts about the freshman class, faculty, graduate success, student projects and more.

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