Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admission

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- Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admission

Choose Your Program. Change the World.

Choose Your Program. Change the World.
Summer Pre-College

Art & Design

Summer Pre-College Art & Design


The Summer Pre-College Art and Design program motivates, stimulates and prepares you as emerging artists and designers. Exploring traditional tools and new technologies in a variety of media leads you to develop conceptual and technical skills as well as your portfolio – all excellent preparation for applying to and succeeding in college-level art and design programs. Challenging courses, stimulating workshops, museum and gallery field trips, and energetic interaction with dedicated faculty and talented peers introduce you to the spirit and substance of an art and design school culture and environment.

The Program

During the summer Pre-College Program, you will attend morning and afternoon classes, Monday through Thursday. You'll work in our beautiful, spacious studios in the historic College of Fine Arts building and Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall.

The summer Pre-College faculty at Carnegie Mellon University are accomplished artists, designers and educators who share their expertise inside and outside the classroom. With small class sizes, you'll benefit from individual attention, intense instruction and substantial constructive feedback. Instructors provide written evaluations of your work upon completion of the program.


Students work together in large studios. Coursework includes individual instruction, in-class work sessions, critiques, and lectures. Students are expected to complete assignments outside of class on a nightly basis. Summer Pre-College Art & Design courses include: 

  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Digital Photography
  • Animation
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Communication Design
  • Industrial Design

There are many events and opportunities to enhance and supplement studio work, such as Friday morning workshops, visits to local galleries, museums, and Pittsburgh based design firms and studios.  All students have the opportunity to meet with current School of Art Faculty for a practice portfolio review session.

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