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- Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admission

Choose Your Program. Change the World.

Choose Your Program. Change the World.

Summer Programs for Diversity

Summer Programs for Diversity

June 25 - August 6, 2016

The online application for the 2016 Summer SAMS Program is available. Your application for admission will consist of an application form provided by Carnegie Mellon and documents you'll be required to gather from other resources (i.e. high school transcripts). The SAMS Application deadline is April 1st.

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Required Documents for Application:

  • High School Transcript - Please send an official, recent high school transcript, including as complete a listing as possible of your classes and grades.
  • Standardized Test Scores - Submit your most recent PSAT, SAT Reasoning Test, PLAN or ACT with Writing standardized test results.
  • Letters of Recommendation - We require recommendations from your guidance counselor or two teachers who are familiar with your work habits, as well as your academic and artistic progress and promise or your response to teaching/directing and spirit of cooperation in group situations.
  • Activities Resume - Provide a detailed description of your extracurricular activities and/or work experience, or your experiences as they relate to the arts.
  • Essay - a one-page, typed essay answering one of the following topics:
    • Please describe in detail some special interest, experience or achievement that you would like us to know about.
    • Describe an intellectual, cultural or creative experience occurring within the past two years that has given you the greatest satisfaction.
    • What characteristics do you possess or what academic or artistic experiences have you had that sets you apart from most other people your age?

If you're entering your senior year of high school and are considering careers in engineering, science and other math-based disciplines, you may be interested in SAMS: The Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science. Consider spending six weeks in our rigorous summer program focusing on technical areas of study. You'll build academic and personal skills required for admission to competitive colleges and universities and take part in fun and exciting summer activities.

A limited number of rising high school seniors may be selected to participate in:

There will be no tuition, housing or dining fees for students selected to attend Summer Programs for Diversity.

Our Pre-College programs will show you what life at Carnegie Mellon is all about - from the classroom to what's happening on weekends. You'll meet people from all over the world, be inspired by our world-renowned faculty, take part in the excitement of campus and have the opportunity to explore the city of Pittsburgh.

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