Advanced Placement/Early Admission

The Advanced Placement/Early Admission (AP/EA) Program provides talented, motivated high school students with the unique opportunity to take summer courses offered by Carnegie Mellon. Students earn college credit while working in an academic setting that mirrors the supportive, rigorous environment of the first year of college. Every summer, AP/EA offers close to 40 courses from academic disciplines across the university. Successful AP/EA students leverage their experiences to demonstrate their ability to succeed in college, and have the potential to receive advanced college credit for the coursework from Carnegie Mellon and other institutions.





Every APEA student must be prepared for six weeks of challenging college courses in an intensive, supportive environment. Additional guidelines for specific courses include:

For 21-120, algebra, trigonometry and geometry are required; pre-calculus or an equivalent course is recommended. For 21-122, one semester of calculus is required.

Computer Science
For 15-110, some computer experience in high school is helpful but not required, as well as PSAT Math of 650 or higher, or SAT Math of 650. For 15-112 or 15-122, students must take a placement exam after being accepted and before being enrolled. In addition, for 15-122, students must have college credit (such as AP credit) for one semester of college-level computer science and must enroll in 21-127 during APEA.

Science and Engineering
Students enrolled in physics, chemistry, biology or engineering must have completed a physics, chemistry or biology high school course.

Modern Languages
Students who seek to enroll in any Modern Language beyond the first semester (Elementary I) should contact the APEA administrators for appropriate placement.

76-101 is open to students with sufficiently strong skills in academic English. Other English courses are available at the discretion of the English Department.


Summer Opportunities for Access & InclusionAP/EA courses are regular Carnegie Mellon classes, so you should anticipate intense, college-level work. Many of the AP/EA faculty members are the same faculty who teach during the regular school year. View the 2017 AP/EA course list.

AP/EA students are required to take two courses during the summer. This two-course schedule completed in six weeks is comparable in demand to the typical five-course schedule completed in a semester. The flexible AP/EA program allows you to take a combination of math, science engineering and humanities courses.


Fees & Requirements

There are a limited number of scholarships available for students applying for AP/EA and Fine Arts. Scholarships cover the costs of tuition, housing and dining. All students are responsible for the costs of books, supplies, transportation and recreational expenses, with an average cost of $300. Students who are awarded scholarships will be notified in their decision letter.

Full-time AP/EA students can't be employed on or off campus for the duration of the program.