Drama FAQ

Why don't I need an audition tape?

Pre-College Drama is open to all students of varied experience who are interested in pursuing a conservatory education.

Will there be a final production?

There is no final production. Our program is focused on process not product.

Will I need to bring monologues or music?

If you have material you are working on or would like to work on, please bring it along.

Where can I get textbooks?

The University Book Store will have all the texts you need. You can also purchase books from another bookseller prior to your arrival. No specific edition or translator is required.

Are the dance wear requirements really requirements?

If you have specific questions concerning dance wear, contact Maria Stoy via email or 412.268.3284

Can I take an elective in the School of Music or another department?


No. Because of class times and varying schedules, you cannot take classes outside of Pre-College Drama.

I'm not a Drama student. Can I take a dance, audition or improv class?

No. Because there are so many students enrolled in Pre-College Drama, we do not have space in our classes to accommodate students from other programs.

Will this program help me get into Carnegie Mellon?

In the past few years perhaps one student has been accepted into a performance program from the summer program pool of nearly one hundred and twenty students. However, several students have been accepted into the design/production program.