Admission Interviews

A college interview allows a prospective student to get a personalized introduction to campus and helps rising seniors determine if Carnegie Mellon and our particular majors or programs of interest are a good fit. Throughout the summer and fall, we encourage rising seniors in high school to interview with the Office of Admission.

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Interviews last about 20-30 minutes and allow time for parents or families to ask questions. We're interested in discussing your senior year courses, extracurricular activities and potential major interests at Carnegie Mellon. Interviews are considered in the admission process and help the admission committee make better, more informed decisions when selecting the freshman class.

If you're not able to interview on campus, we do offer alumni interviews and/or Hometown Interviews in certain cities in the fall.

In addition to the general campus tour, various individual schools and departments within Carnegie Mellon offer opportunities for prospective students to tour facilities, attend an information session or meet with a faculty member through department tours and events.