The application deadline for 2017 Summer Pre-College Programs has passed. The 2018 Summer Pre-College Programs application will go live in the fall of 2017. 

The Summer Pre-College Program application consists of an online application (paper applications aren't accepted) and supporting documents listed within the application requirements below (i.e. high school transcripts).

Application Requirements

The Summer Pre-College application must be submitted online. When you submit your application, you'll need to pay the $40 application fee electronically (checks aren't accepted). Once we process your application, you'll receive an email from the Pre-College Admission Team with information on how to upload supporting documents electronically. 

  • The Summer Pre-College application is available only online. 
  • High School Transcript - Please send an official, recent high school transcript, including as complete a listing as possible of your classes and grades.
  • Standardized Test Scores - Submit your most recent PSAT, SAT Test, PLAN or ACT.
  • Letters of Recommendation - We require recommendations from your school counselor or one teacher who is familiar with your work habits, as well as your academic and artistic progress and promise or your response to teaching/directing and spirit of cooperation in group situations.
  • Activities Resume - Provide a detailed description of your extracurricular activities and/or work experience, or your experiences as they relate to the arts.
  • Essay - a one-page, typed essay answering one of the following topics:
    • Please describe in detail some special interest, experience or achievement that you would like us to know about.
    • Describe an intellectual, cultural or creative experience occurring within the past two years that has given you the greatest satisfaction.
    • What characteristics do you possess or what academic or artistic experiences have you had that sets you apart from most other people your age?
  • Drama Resume (Pre-College Drama program applicants only) - listing of your experiences in theater.
  • Music Resume (Pre-College Music program applications only) - statement describing your past musical training and a recent audio recording of a solo representative of your level of performance (vocal/instrumental applicants), scores of recent original compositions (composition applicants), or portfolio materials (music technology applicants). Please upload your personal statements, audition recordings, original scores, and/or music technology portfolios here.

Age Requirement: Students must be in high school, have completed their sophomore year and be 16 to 18 years old (born between August 11, 1998 and July 1, 2001). This doesn't apply to commuters in the AP/EA program. No other exceptions will be made.

Commuter Policy: To be an eligible commuter student, you must have a permanent residence within approximately 30 miles of campus or within Allegheny County. 

International Applicants

If you're an international student, or a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and your native language is not English, Carnegie Mellon requires a TOEFL score of 102 or better on the internet-based test or an IELTS score of 7.5 and above. Please arrange to have these scores sent with your application materials. Both your official TOEFL and official transcript are required. The deadline for international students to apply to Pre-College programs is April 1, 2017.

International students coming to Carnegie Mellon, who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, may need to obtain an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility from the Office of International Education (OIE). If you're already in the U.S. on F-1 student visa status, and will be returning to your current school next fall, you won't need an I-20 from Carnegie Mellon. 

If you'll be coming to the U.S. from overseas and will either:

  • Return to your overseas high school/college
  • Attend Carnegie Mellon or another school in the U.S. in the fall
Then you MUST complete the necessary paperwork to obtain an I-20. 

If you're admitted to a Pre-College program, the Office of International Education (OIE) will send you paperwork (International Student Information Form and Affidavit of Support for Financial Sponsor) that you'll be required to complete to obtain an I-20. The Form I-20 is used to apply for an F-1 student visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Students who receive an I-20 from Carnegie Mellon are REQUIRED to arrive in Pittsburgh on Thursday, June 29, 2017 in order to complete a MANDATORY Immigration Check-In and Orientation on Friday, June 30, 2017 to maintain legal status in the U.S. Admitted students will be sent more detailed instructions regarding this mandatory check-in.
Admission & Enrollment

Admission is on a rolling basis and space available in a particular program. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. Applicants will begin to receive notification of our admission decision in early February. If admitted, you'll need to submit a $200 non-refundable deposit within 10 days of receiving your admission notification to secure your enrollment.

Full settlement of fees (excluding the cost of books) for all students must be postmarked by May 15, 2017 for enrollment in the six-week summer program.


Costs for Summer Pre-College 2017

Advanced Placement/Early Admission

Resident (2 courses) - $9,689
Commuter (2 courses) - $7,374
Commuter (1 course) - $4,474


Resident (6 week program) - $8,080
Resident (3 week program) - $4,540
Commuter (6 week program - $5,766
Commuter (3 week program) - $3,324


Resident (6 week program) - $8,080
Resident (3 week program - $4,540
Commuter (6 week program) - $5,766
Commuter (3 week program) - $3,324


Resident - $8,080
Commuter - $5,766


Resident - $8,097
Commuter - $5,781


Resident - $7,680
Commuter - $5,366

National High School Game Academy

Resident - $8,689
Commuter - $6,374