Summer Pre-College Architecture

The study of architecture is an exciting multidisciplinary activity that combines design creativity, historical perspective, technical excellence, social responsibility, and global and environmental leadership. The Pre-College Architecture program is structured to introduce you to each of these areas and for you to experience studying architecture in a university setting.

The Program

Pre-College will provide you with a strong foundation and give you a clear idea of what to expect at a college level architectural program. The mix of seminars, workshops, drawing and digital media classes will introduce you to some of the theory, process and methodology of current design practice. The experience of working in the studio environment is quite different from the traditional classroom that you may be used to, giving you the opportunity to begin to develop your own design sensibility as you work iteratively through the creative process.

The Value of Attending Pre-College

Pre-College is a good opportunity to test the fit of architecture with your career goals and expand upon your creative and technical skills, providing a solid head start if you decide to enter this field of study. Project work is partnered with a focus on documentation and techniques to communicate your ideas visually. We run workshops to assist you in photographing your work and creating a strong portfolio, which is an essential part of a student’s presentation package.


The studio curriculum is designed to allow you to move freely between physical and virtual spatial investigations. Work alternates between theoretical projects represented through image and model, and installation projects created at full- scale. Pre-College Architecture courses include:

  • Design Studio
  • Drawing
  • Digital Media
  • Process and Form
  • Science in Design
  • Hands-On Workshops

No prior design, drawing or computer experience is necessary; if your skills in these areas are more advanced, our faculty and program will challenge you to develop them further. 

Fees & Requirements

There are a limited number of scholarships available for students applying to the Summer Programs for Diversity for the Fine Arts. Scholarships cover the costs of tuition, housing and dining. All students are responsible for the costs of books, supplies, transportation and recreational expenses, with an average cost of $300. Students who are awarded scholarships will be notified in their decision letter.

Students selected for a scholarship can only enroll in the resident full-time six week option.