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Carnegie Mellon has been the birthplace of innovation since its founding in 1900. We're a global leader in groundbreaking ideas to market and create successful startup businesses. Our award-winning faculty are renowned for working closely with students to solve major scientific, technological and societal challenges. We put a strong emphasis on creating things - from art to robots.

We have proven value that leads Carnegie Mellon students and graduates to success. Our mission to impact society in a transformative way - regionally, nationally and globally - is done through continual innovation in education, research creativity and entrepreneurship. As a student at Carnegie Mellon, you'll get a dose of innovation and entrepreneurship, whether you're looking for it or not! We proudly cultivate a culture of interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving and exploration, which is what makes our graduates so desireable and recruited by some of the most innovative companies like Uber, Google and Disney. 

With countless opportunities for entrepreneurship, there's a strong focus on innovative options beyond the typical classroom experience. Whether you’re a Business Administration, Chemistry or Fine Arts major, there's a plethora of resources available.

Carnegie Mellon is #1 among the Association of American Universities (AAU) schools in the number of startups per research dollar.

In addition to the Entrepreneurship concentration for Business Administration majors or a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through IDeATe, we have the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, student clubs and organizations, mentorship and funding, networking and more, all focused on entrepreneurship and student success. 


Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

The Swartz Center’s focused network of successful entrepreneurs, investors and alumni gives you unique access to knowledge and opportunity. Whether you're a student, faculty member or alumnus, receive the support to make your dreams come to life via programs, people, courses and funding opportunities.

Don H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship - Get classroom instruction about entrepreneurship.

Project Olympus - Bridging the gap between cutting-edge university research and economy-promoting commercialization for the benefit of our communities.

VentureBridge - Mentoring students seeking to transform their high-tech concept into a startup.

CONNECTS Events - Enhance the experiential education for any individual interested in innovation and entrepreneurship with the CONNECTS event series.

Experiential Learning - Step out of the classroom and into your own real-world startup with the Swartz Center's many experiential learning programs.

Mentorship & Funding - Obtain invaluable mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and find funding for your Carnegie Mellon startup - 135+ startups have launched through this! 

Student Organizations

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association - Promotes the entrepreneurial spirit at Carnegie Mellon through competitions, business development and networking with community entrepreneurs.

Scottie Ventures - An investment group that focuses on teaching the principles of venture capital to interested community members.

ScottyLabs - A student-run group on Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh campus that strives to use their technical expertise to promote innovation in practical ways.

Enactus - Makes the world a better place through student entrepreneurial action. Carnegie Mellon's chapter works towards developing projects that will reach out to as many people as it can to spread the importance of free enterprise. This year they conduct seven projects - five domestic and two international.

Carnegie Mellon U.S.-China Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University Summit is a two-sided platform that connects the U.S. and Chinese scholars in one place. It connects startups with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and industry leaders.

Concentration, Major and Minor Opportunities

Entrepreneurship Concentration - Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon is characterized by experiential learning geared towards leading change, innovation and growth in startups, emerging companies and mature organizations. It seeks to bridge the gap between cutting edge research and the creation of economic value through commercialization of ideas for products and services. 

Business Minor - The Tepper School offers a minor in Business Administration to students in any of the other schools and colleges at Carnegie Mellon, whether majoring in areas such as architecture, chemistry, or philosophy, many students find it quite valuable to gain business knowledge and skills through this minor.  

IDeATe Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - The minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is offered by the Tepper School of Business as part of the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) network. IDeATe offers students the opportunity to become immersed in a collaborative community of faculty and peers who share expertise, experience and passions at the intersection of arts and technology.


Cindy Padnos - This Carnegie Mellon alumna is founder and managing partner of the venture capital firm Illuminate Ventures, which has helped raise and deploy $100's of millions in venture financing for early stage tech companies that leverage new technologies and business models, with a focus on enterprise cloud and mobile solutions. Unlike many Silicon Valley VC firms, Illuminate invests broadly across North America, tapping into the heart of the country, not just the two coasts.

The New York Times named Padnos one of the “Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley,” Fast Company selected her as one of the “Most Influential Women in Technology,” and AlwaysOn calls her “A Power Player in the Cloud.”

Mathew Humphrey - A serial entrepreneur, Humphrey has co-founded eight tech startups and invested in more than 100 others. Now, at 29, he presides over LendingHome, a San Francisco startup that has grown in three years to more than 250 employees, raised over $100 million in venture backing and funded over $1.2 billion in mortgages.

Given his career accomplishments already, it's no wonder he's among the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30: Finance, as one of the country’s 30 “brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers.”

Robb Meyer -  Founder of Nowait, an app that serves restaurants, giving them a way to quickly create a list of customers and notify them by text message when seats were available. He sold the app to Yelp for $40 million. 



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