Alumni That Make a Difference in the World

There are 100,000+ living Carnegie Mellon alumni who represent every industry imaginable. From Broadway to Hollywood, working their way up in companies like Facebook and Google, or even creating a start-up with their own innovative idea. Carnegie Mellon alumni and entrepreneur Susan Koger founded ModCloth out of her dorm room. Read on to learn her five lesson's to her younger self.

Our alumni are making a difference in our society. They are leaders in business, arts and technology, faces on the big screen and names to be remembered. Often times they boldly state that in some way, they owe it to Carnegie Mellon for what they have accomplished.

You might already be familiar with these names and faces, but did you know they attended Carnegie Mellon? Check out our notable alumni video to find out who is part of our Carnegie Mellon alumni family.

And many of these alumni are ‘plaid to the bone’ as they say, whether they volunteer their time – like Ted Danson doing voiceovers on behalf of the university, or the CEO of Shutterfly giving a talk at our Tepper School Business – or just generally stay connected and involved with Carnegie Mellon through our Carnegie Mellon Today magazine and on-campus events. Some are recognized as a Loyal Scot, an exclusive program of Carnegie Mellon students and alumni that show their ‘Tartan Pride’ on an ongoing basis.

As a student at Carnegie Mellon, you can gain your Loyal Scot status and build your alumni network from the time you decide to start your future at Carnegie Mellon.