Religious & Spiritual Life Initiatives

The Carnegie Mellon community consists of individuals from diverse religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds. There are many ways for students to engage in Religious & Spiritual Life at Carnegie Mellon. Our mission is to support all students along the spectrum of religious, secular and spiritual practice and exploration.
 We do this through: 

  • Supporting of individuals' religious commitment through programs and events, resources and spaces
  • Facilitating connections of individuals and communities of faith, on and off campus
  • Promoting religious literacy for all members of the Carnegie Mellon community
  • Encouraging cooperation among and between religious, spiritual and secular communities on campus
  • Promoting spiritual exploration and wellness for the whole Carnegie Mellon community

Carnegie Mellon takes pride in purposefully creating opportunities for students to pause, engage in self-inquiry and to reflect upon and articulate one’s moral fabric. We encourage our students to self-author and own their personal visions and core values. As an institution of higher learning, we have the responsibility to invite them to ask, reflect upon and answer the deep questions of life; who is myself and what is my work?

Campus Resources include prayer and worship areas, food accommodations and housing needs, as well as lay/professional chaplains and spiritual/religious student organizations. Please don't hesitate to find out more by going to our website or contacting Mandy Best, Coordinator of Spirituality & Interfaith Initiatives or Jonny Cagwin, Coordinator of Religious Life Programs.