Pittsburgh On The Rise

Making headlines in a hometown with heart


Pittsburgh is a leading city from all things food to tech and a proud partner with Carnegie Mellon.

Pittsburgh is an internationally recognized city, known for its research and industry, world-class medical facilities, corporate headquarters, cultural community and professional sports teams. Keep reading to find out why so many students love Pittsburgh and choose to stay after graduation.



  • Pittsburgh was named one of seven U.S. cities on Travel + Leisure’s international survey of the best places to visit in 2016!
  • Pittsburgh celebrated its bicentennial in 2016, given 200 years as a city!
  • Still think Pittsburgh is an old steel town? Check out all the “Pittsburgh Firsts” to see what else began in the City of Champions…besides the cable suspension bridge (1846) and emoticon (1982).

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  • Setting a new standard for budding entrepreneurs, Pittsburgh is home to the new future of tech and startup cultures in the United States. Take that, Silicon Valley!



Clearly there’s only one solution—come visit Pittsburgh and see what everyone’s talking about! If you’re interested in learning more about why we’re so passionate about our city and our city’s culture, you can find more national rankings here.