Summer Pre-College Architecture

Pre-College Architecture is an intensive and immersive summer program that engages high school students in the creative energy and speculative culture of the college-level experience, in studying the discipline of architecture. Pre-College Architecture introduces design practice, creative problem solving and critical thinking to young designers through a complex matrix of programming, pushing curiosity and by providing a strong basis for architectural education.

Students experience the dynamic of learning through making, in a studio environment, supported by structured integrated coursework in digital media, drawing, seminars and workshops, expanding their exploration of the theory, process and methodology of contemporary design practice. Pre-College Architecture is a powerful program, serving to build skills and evaluate the potential of future undergraduate students.

For more information on Pre-College Architecture and the School of Architecture, please visit the departmental page.


The Experience


Pre-College Architecture is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and a clear idea of what to expect from a college-level accredited program in architecture.

Students experience the dynamic of learning through making in a studio environment, supported by structured integrated coursework in digital media, drawing, seminars, and workshops expanding their exploration of the theory, process, and methodology of contemporary design practice.

Architecture is a profession that occupies a unique role in the shaping of our built environment. Architecture is a progressive interdisciplinary course of study combining design creativity, historical perspective, technical knowledge and innovation, and social responsibility. Pre-College Architecture is structured to introduce you to the discipline of architecture and for you to experience the study of architecture in a university setting.


Pre-College Architecture is an immersive program that offers the intensive energy and dynamic creative culture of the college-level experience. Design success is largely the result of focused effort and intensity of investigation; students should expect to invest significant time working in the studio with fellow students outside of class (evenings and weekends) to develop and complete project coursework. 


Our program is structured to allow for enrollment in either a three- or six-week program. Students are encouraged to enroll in the full six-week program to allow for a more comprehensive learning experience and greater development of technical and creative skills. Skills are developed cumulatively; as skills learned in the first three weeks of the program are essential to the development of project work in the final three weeks, please note that the three-week program option is only available for weeks 1-3. 

  • Design Studio
  • Drawing
  • Digital Media
  • Seminars and Special Lectures

We provide an intensive introduction to design, drawing, and the use of creative digital software; however, no previous experience or specific computer skills are required to succeed. Please see our FAQ section for more detailed information. 



Resident (6 week program) - $8,674
Resident (3 week program) - $5,022
Commuter (6 week program) - $6,274
Commuter (3 week program) - $3,748

Limited Scholarships

Some financial/merit-based scholarships will be available to select students who've been accepted into the program, completed the scholarship application, financial aid estimate and submit a digital portfolio by March 1, 2019. Please note that preference for scholarships is given to students applying for the full, six-week program. Additionally, scholarships are not available for international students. 

Tuition Waivers

If you're looking to attend the Pre-College Architecture program at no cost, there are limited opportunities for tuition waivers. When applying to this program, you'll be able to indicate you'd like to be considered for this option.