Summer Pre-College Design

Pre-College Design is a unique opportunity to begin a future student’s true college design experience. Classes are taught by undergraduate School of Design faculty and Pre-College Design students are given a primer on the design principles and practices that are the cornerstone of the freshman year experience in the School of Design. Pre-College Design students get their own personal studio space, providing them with their first foray into “studio life.” The studio space immerses high school students into the collaborative studio experience, which closely mirrors an undergraduate's first year in the School of Design. By the end of the program, students will have portfolio pieces that have been critiqued by School of Design faculty. There will also be a showcase featuring all of the work completed during the six-week program, for fellow classmates, faculty and parents.

For more information on the Pre-College Design program and the School of Design, please visit the School of Design website.


The Experience

Pre-College Design is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and a clear idea of what to expect from a college-level accredited program in Design. Sessions will consist of studio learning, lectures, critiques, field trips to museums, workspaces, and community spaces, and guided work sessions with faculty and professionals.

Summer Pre-College students in design will experience the dynamic of learning through making in a studio environment. These experiences will include design research, conceptualization, three-dimensional design, working with images and text, and the presentation of their design work.

Pre-College Design is structured to introduce the discipline of design and to teach students the processes Designers used to solve problems.



Our program is structured as a six-week program. Students will receive expert instruction in:

  • Studio Design for Products, Communications, & Environments
  • Design Drawing
  • Design Photography
  • Design Research & Problem Solving Methods

We provide an intensive introduction to design methods; however, no previous experience or specific computer skills are required to succeed. Please see our FAQ section for more detailed information.