The School of Architecture is consistently ranked in the top tier of architecture degree programs. Carnegie Mellon’s School of Architecture (BArch) offers a 5-year, NAAB accredited, Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) 4-year degree. 

The School of Architecture is committed to architectural design excellence linked to environmental, social and technological innovations and its strong link to graduate research in architecture.

With a unique focus on sustainable urbanism, the School of Architecture is committed to exploring creative, integrated solutions to improve the quality of life in our cities and the sustainability of the places we inhabit.

The School of Architecture provides deep immersion in the discipline of architecture, intensified by the broader Carnegie Mellon culture of interdisciplinary innovation and creative inquiry. While architectural studies at Carnegie Mellon are studio based, they're richly linked to a multi-disciplinary education from across campus.

Undergraduates can complete either a NAAB-accredited five-year B.Arch degree program or four-year BA degree. Applicants enrolled in the School of Architecture begin their First Year in Architecture. At the end of the First Year, students will declare which of the two degree options to pursue and continue with their degree’s respective curriculum for the remaining three (B.A.) or four (B.Arch) years. Students who decide to move into other fields will transition and graduate from Carnegie Mellon in top ranked programs in the arts, sciences, engineering, business and computer science.

About the 2020 First Year Class

Average Unweighted GPA:3.80

SAT Middle 50%

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 700-740Math: 770-790

ACT Middle 50%

English: 34-35Math: 31-35Composite: 32-33

Undergraduate Research

Where's the Class of 2019?

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare students to be excellent, discipline-defining design thinkers in diverse global contexts. Though every School of Architecture student graduates with intensive architecture knowledge, no two graduates leave with the same education.

Amazing Alumni