Admission Process Overview

The School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon is a member of the Consortium of Conservatory Theater Training Programs. Pre-screening, auditions or portfolio reviews are required for students applying to Acting, Design/Production, Directing and Music Theater. Dramaturgy applicants must submit additional documentation as part of their application.

Guidelines for applying to the School of Drama

Submit the Common Application after August 15. You must use your Common Application ID to register for a pre-screening, audition or portfolio review.

The School of Drama requirements vary by major. Acting and Music Theater applicants must submit pre-screen materials, after September 1. Design/Production applicants must register for an in-person portfolio review, after September 14. Directing applicants must register for an in-person audition/interview, after September 14. Dramaturgy applicants do not have an audition/portfolio review requirement but must submit additional documentation to the Office of Admission. 

Auditions and portfolio reviews fill on a first-come, first-served basis and are only available to Carnegie Mellon applicants. We encourage students to apply and then initiate a pre-screening, audition or portfolio review registration as soon as possible after September 1, as some cities and dates fill early in the fall. 

All School of Drama pre-screenings, auditions or portfolio reviews have a $115 fee, due at the time of online registration. However, if you've qualified for a fee waiver under the Common Application guidelines, you can also have your Drama fee waived. For Acting and Music Theater applicants subsequently invited to an in-person audition based on their pre-screening submission, no additional fees will be required. 

The Regular Decision application deadline for the School of Drama is December 1. Additionally, Design/Production applicants have the opportunity to consider our Early Decision application plan, which has a November 1 deadline.

All freshman applicants to the School of Drama are required to take either the SAT or ACT test.