Supplementary Submissions

Makers, Creators, Innovators

"Makers," creators, inventors, entrepreneurs of the spirit, are welcome to submit their original works using Slideroom through the Common ApplicationYou can directly upload your Makers portfolio and name your works. Through Slideroom you may upload digital images, videos, PDF files, audio files, and even links to external sites like YouTube. 

Original works you may want to share with us could include any of the items listed above; think tangible, think intangible, the point is, it's a piece derived directly from you. We are looking for a project, piece, idea or experience that you "brought to life" outside the realm of your job, internship, school, or any other organization. This is your time as a maker to demonstrate how you create using unique applications of technology, and also a focus on learning practical skills which you then apply creatively.

ZeeMee Electronic Resume

ZeeMee is a free service available to students who would like to digitally showcase personalized items, including images, videos and/or documents as part of their college application. This is optional and allows applicants to directly copy and paste their link into the Common Application. To learn more about ZeeMee and its mission, visit