The Tepper Quadrangle

Collaboration at the Heart of Campus

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The Tepper Quad will promote interconnectedness, collaboration and innovation across our campus by providing a hub for the university’s entrepreneurial activities and a central location for technology-enhanced learning initiatives.

The Tepper Quad, located at the heart of campus, is where business, technology and analytics intersect at Carnegie Mellon. The Tepper building assumed its role as the front door to our campus on September 13th with a much-anticipated grand opening. The vision of the Tepper quadrangle is to forge a new model for higher education. The innovation hub — with the Tepper School as its center — interconnects all seven campus colleges while promoting an enhanced ecosystem of cross-campus collaboration. Students will learn from management researchers and professors while interacting, networking and dreaming alongside entrepreneurs, architects, robotics designers, computer scientists and other brilliant, creative minds from around the world. This is business education for the 21st century.


The Tepper Quad is the new home for Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business, but it offers so much more to our campus community.



Architecture & Sustainability

In the last decade, only one business school in the U.S. has been designed and built to occupy the very center of a university campus. That school is the Tepper School of Business.

The Tepper Quad is a new archetype for business education and business practice. Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School are pushing the boundaries of business schools by introducing a new interconnected model of teaching, learning and innovation. Designed as an innovation hub, the 4.5 acre-site represents a $201 million investment in creating the business school of the future. The Tepper Quad is a LEED Gold Certified building and spans 305,000 square feet. It unites undergraduate and graduate programs under one roof for students studying Business. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Tepper Quad will bring together entrepreneurial resources from across campus to produce technology-driven startups, delivering new ideas, products and services. Made possible by a generous gift from alumnus James Swartz, MSIA ’66, the new Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship will serve as a hub for all entrepreneurial activities across campus. The Swartz Center connects and incorporates a number of ongoing efforts through:

Technology-Enhanced Learning

The university’s technology-enhanced learning initiatives focus on innovative teaching and learning formats that provide a wide variety of opportunities for students, faculty, researchers and corporations.

The Tepper building will serve as a new hub for technology-enhanced learning initiatives, including Carnegie Mellon's Simon Initiative, leadership in the Global Learning Council and expansion of successful online degree programs offered by schools and colleges across Carnegie Mellon. The Tepper building also houses the new Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room, encouraging students to experience language and culture through cutting edge technologies.

David and Susan Coulter Welcome Center

The Carnegie Mellon University Coulter Welcome Center is a unique destination for campus visitors. Located through the Forbes Entrance of The Tepper Building, the welcoming space draws people in to engage with students and to see first-hand how Carnegie Mellon's expertise, ambition and world-leading technologies across business, the sciences, the humanities and the arts all benefit humankind. Visitors can join a campus tour, navigate the interactive campus map and learn all about what Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh have to offer.

Rohr Commons

Visit Rohr Commons on the main floor of The Tepper Building for a bite to eat or to meet for coffee.

The cafeteria in the new building features a coffee counter operated by Tazza D’Oro, a local coffee staple based in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh. In addition to coffee and espresso beverages, their menu includes locally sourced breakfast and lunch sandwiches, pastries and desserts.

Behind Tazza D’Oro is a marketplace operated by AVI Foodsystems Inc. This café will be the first university dining program to feature “AVI Pure,” an initiative focused on natural ingredients and sustainable operations.

Tepper Building Gallery