The Waiting List

The Waiting List at Carnegie Mellon

It's important to recognize that all applicants offered a "Wait List" decision are academically qualified to be successful Carnegie Mellon students. Each year, we're limited in our selection of applicants not by quality, but by enrollment limitations set by the University. 

Applicants offered a "Wait List" decision have the opportunity to remain on their choice of either the Priority or Regular Waiting List. By electing to remain on either waiting list, students choose to remain active candidates for Carnegie Mellon until it's determined whether or not additional space is available in the freshman class after May 1, 2019.

Priority Waiting List

The Priority Waiting List is designed for students that have identified Carnegie Mellon as their top choice university. If you plan to enroll at Carnegie Mellon if you're offered admission, the Priority Waiting List is for you. Students that choose to remain on the Priority Waiting List will be among the first admitted from either waiting list if space is still available in any of our academic programs after May 1, 2019. If space becomes available, students can be moved from this waiting list within a week after the May 1 reply date. An enrollment deposit will be required within 72 hours if admitted.

Regular Waiting List

The Regular Waiting List is designed for students that haven't identified Carnegie Mellon as their top choice university, but would like to receive consideration for admission after all Priority Waiting List candidates have been contacted and considered. Students that elect to remain on the Regular Waiting List will receive a final admission decision by June 1, 2019.

If you have interest in remaining on a waiting list, please complete the Waiting List Reply Form via the Where Am I in the Process? portal. This form allows students to elect to remain on a waiting list, change their choice of waiting list, or remove their name from a waiting list entirely. 

If you'd like to learn more about the waiting list process at Carnegie Mellon, we offer a recorded version of our Waiting List Information Session for your viewing. 

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