Striving for Access and Equity in the Waiting List Process

As Carnegie Mellon strives to make the admission process more equitable to all applicants, we've extended our efforts to support access and inclusion to the waiting list process. Our waiting list process is designed to give everyone who is interested in remaining on either of our waiting lists the opportunity to respond about their unique qualities by sending us a short response at the appropriate time, only when we know there is space available in the freshman class.

Like many other institutions, we have been inundated with demonstrations of continued interest and additional recommendations, mostly from well-resourced or well-advised applicants. Though we don't request or consider any of these demonstrations, students feel compelled to write letters of continued interest, send us more recommendations, send projects, visit our campus to make their case in person and also have anyone with any perceived influence make phone calls to advocate for them. 

What Will Impact Admission Decisions: 

Students that elect to remain on a waiting list need only complete a short response at the appropriate time - we will notify you if and when that time arrives. We don't provide the prompt for the response in advance, as we don't want students to work on it needlessly in the event we don't end up admitting candidates from our waiting list. If you elect to remain on a waiting list and space becomes available in the freshman class, we'll contact you with appropriate next steps. 

What Will Not Impact Admission Decisions:

We won't consider any of the following perceived influences on your admission decision:

  • Visits to campus and attendance at April On-Campus events, including our Information Session, campus tours, the Waiting List Session, etc.
  • Additional supplementary materials, including portfolios, resumes, maker projects, updates to academic or extracurricular progress, etc.
  • Letters of continued interest
  • Lobbying from the student or any interested party on the student's behalf 
  • Additional letters of recommendation