What is the Priority Waiting List?

The Priority Waiting List is for students who now consider Carnegie Mellon to be their first choice college and will enroll if admitted from the Waiting List. Students on the Priority Waiting List will be among the first group of candidates contacted and admitted from the Waiting List, should space become available in the freshman class. (The Priority Waiting List is non-binding, but for students who view Carnegie Mellon as their first choice and would want to enroll if space becomes available.)

What is the Regular Waiting List?

Once we've determined space availability in the freshman class after May 1, and have communicated with students on the Priority Waiting List, we'll determine if any further openings remain in the freshman class between May 15 – June 1. Candidates choosing the Regular Waiting List option will learn of a final admission decision by June 1.

If I remain on either Carnegie Mellon Waiting List, should I still enroll at another college or university?

Yes. It's important to assure yourself a place at another college or university where you've been admitted by the appropriate reply date. If you're ultimately offered admission from either Waiting List at Carnegie Mellon and you choose to accept our offer, you'll forfeit the tuition deposit you sent to the college or university you previously enrolled in.

I've decided to remain active on the Waiting List, now what?

Please return your Waiting List Reply Form by April 11 if you wish to remain active on the Priority Waiting List or by May 1 for the Regular Waiting List. We may then ask you to communicate your continued interest in Carnegie Mellon by completing a written statement later in the month of April - we'll email students with more details later in the month.

What are my chances of being offered a place at Carnegie Mellon from the Priority Waiting List?

Historically, we were able to admit around 35 students from the Waiting List.

How many students are on the Waiting List?

We'll know the number of students who opted to remain active on the Priority Waiting List after the April 11 reply date, and the number of students who opted to remain active on the Regular Waiting List after May 1.

What if I remain active on the Waiting List for more than one college or university?

If you're on the Waiting List for more than one college within Carnegie Mellon, you'll receive separate admission decisions for each college. 

Are students on the Waiting List eligible for financial aid?

Yes. If you submitted the required financial aid documents by February 15 or soon after, you’ll receive a financial aid notification letter within a week of receiving your Waiting List decision. If you haven’t applied for financial aid, please do so right away. We encourage students to remain active on the Waiting List only after having received and reviewed their financial aid notification. If you’re admitted from the Waiting List, your financial aid package will become effective at that time. Because resources are limited, Waiting List decisions may not be need blind.

To learn more about financial aid, access a recorded Financial Aid Webinar offered by professionals from the Office of Admission. This webinar covers the financial aid application process, types of financial aid, alternative financing options and the value of a Carnegie Mellon education.

What else can I do?

If you remain interested in the Waiting List, you’ll receive information after May 1 regarding how to submit a statement expressing continued interest in Carnegie Mellon. 

What should I expect if I visit the campus?

We offer a brief Waiting List Information Session and campus tour to students who are on the Waiting List. Please register online if you wish to attend .

What if I change my mind and wish to be removed from the Waiting List?

Please complete the Waiting List Reply Form and choose the "Please remove me from the Waiting List" option up until May 1. If you'd like to be removed from the Waiting List after May 1, please email admission@andrew.cmu.edu with the subject, "Remove me from the Waiting List."