Tour Campus

We invite you to join a student-led, hour-long general campus tour. You’ll have the opportunity to see some academic buildings, hear about our colleges and programs as well as what it’s like to be a Carnegie Mellon student. (The campus tour does not include a residence hall visit but we do offer a stand-alone residence hall visit most weekdays.)

We offer campus tours on weekdays as well as weekends from mid-February through mid-November, except during university holidays, semester breaks and finals testing. Please note that weekend tours do tend to be much larger than our weekday tours because we only offer one tour time for all visitors.

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Dates & Times

Check out our tour dates and times or register for a visit. While you’re on campus, you may also want to visit a residence hall or take a specialized departmental tour

Online Campus Map

Before you visit, our online campus map can show you the locations of academic departments, the Cohon University Center, available parking areas for visitors, and most importantly, the location of the Office of Admission.

Group Visits

Planning a group visit? The Office of Admission provides campus tours for groups of 15 or more high school aged students.

In addition to the general campus tour, various individual schools and departments within Carnegie Mellon offer opportunities for prospective students to tour facilities, attend an information session or meet with a faculty member through departmental tours and events.

Departmental Tours and Events

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