Innovative Interdepartmental Programs

While the most of the Dietrich College’s 70 majors and minors fall within a specific department, a number of programs just don’t fit into a single department. Rather, they exist as interdepartmental programs by spanning two or more departments within the college. Many of these programs are interdisciplinary in nature, playing the strengths of each department off of one another to create programs that prepare students for the world beyond Carnegie Mellon.

Dietrich College Interdepartmental Major Programs

Economics and Mathematical Sciences (BS)
Economics and Statistics (BS)
Environmental Policy (Additional Major only)
Ethics, History and Public Policy (BA or BS)
Information Systems 
Neuroscience (BS)
Psychology and Biological Sciences (BS) 
Student-Defined Major (BA or BS) 

Dietrich College Interdepartmental Minor Programs 

African and African American Studies
Environmental Studies
Film and Media Studies
Gender Studies
Global Systems and Management
Health Care Policy and Management
Neural Computation
Religious Studies
Science, Technology and Society

Intercollege Programs available to Dietrich College Students

Computational Finance
Human-Computer Interaction (Additional Major Only) 
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Science, Technology and Public Policy (Additional Major Only)