AI Research at CMU

Carnegie Mellon is leading the world in doing AI work that matters. 

Self-driving cars. Speech recognition. Advanced sensor design and application. Internet of things. Facial recognition software. Understanding human goals, thinking and interaction. We do all of that. And more. 

Our approach to AI rests on top of a stack of technologies, including engineered systems and devices, machine learning, programming, data analysis, design, physics and math, with ethics running across all areas. Our depth and breath in AI keeps us at the leading edge of this emerging technology. 

We focus on solving practical problems and work with government and industry to ensure that our students and faculty members are engaged in research that can benefit the world.   

Featured Partnership

Panel discussion series with the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSC AI) 

nsc-ai-logo.pngExamining how AI impacts our economy, national security and welfare. Watch the recorded discussions to learn about the next steps that the United States must take to accelerate the pace of AI innovation and how to use AI responsibly.