Carnegie Mellon’s holistic admission process is about more than just admitting a group of students who have the potential to succeed academically. It’s about selecting students who will add to the overall Carnegie Mellon community.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to Carnegie Mellon, you must submit the Common Application as well as other required items.

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Fall 2022 Admission FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Fall 2022 admission updates.

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Admission Consideration

Admission decisions aren't based on any single factor. Carnegie Mellon reviews applicants holistically to enroll a diverse and dynamic class of students each year.

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Undergraduate Admission Statistics

View Carnegie Mellon's acceptance rates by college/program to get a sense of how many applications we've received, the various acceptance rates, and the number of students enrolled by college/program.

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Undergraduate International Students

We welcome students with different backgrounds and perspectives into our learning community. Approximately 15.4 percent of Carnegie Mellon's undergraduate student body and 20 percent of first-year students are considered international students.

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Transfer Admission

Each year, Carnegie Mellon admits a small number of transfer students, where space permits. The policy for transferring varies from college to college within Carnegie Mellon.

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Striving for Access and Equity in Admission

The mission of Carnegie Mellon University includes the cultivation of a diverse community. With this in mind, our undergraduate admission process is committed to reducing or eliminating advantages that have been inherent in certain aspects of the admission process.

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Application and Financial Aid Support

Applying to highly selective colleges can be an unfamiliar process. Carnegie Mellon is committed to supporting you and your family during this time. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can assist you through the admission and financial aid process.

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Apply Now

Carnegie Mellon uses the Common Application exclusively. All applications must be submitted online. Before applying, please review our plans and deadlines.

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Where Am I in the Process?

Where Am I in the Process? allows applicants to track the admission and financial aid process online. View what admission and financial aid documents we've received and mailed to you and what required documents may be missing.

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