Required Online Portfolio Submission

All applicants to the School of Art must submit a portfolio of creative work for review online, exclusively through the SlideRoom portfolio service. Applicants who don't submit a SlideRoom portfolio will not be considered for admission.

Please visit the School of Art website to review the entire portfolio submission process. 

Visit SlideRoom to submit your portfolio to the School of Art after October 1. (This online portfolio service will allow you to upload, label, arrange and submit your portfolio electronically.)

Early Decision applicants should upload their portfolios by November 1 and Regular Decision and Transfer applicants should upload their portfolios by January 15. 

For portfolio guidelines and online submission recommendations and FAQ, please review our portfolio review preparation and tips page.

Please note: SlideRoom charges $15.00 to manage your portfolio for the School of Art. SlideRoom is a private company contracted by Carnegie Mellon to manage applicant portfolios; this money doesn't go to Carnegie Mellon. 

Optional Online Interview

In addition to the required SlideRoom portfolio submission, applicants may also sign up for an optional online interview with a professor from the School of Art. This is an excellent opportunity to meet a member of our faculty for a conversation about your work and your plans for study. It is also a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have that are specifically about the School of Art. The interview is not a formal portfolio evaluation, but you should come prepared to show and discuss some examples of your work; these pieces will serve as a starting point for an interview between you and the faculty members.

Interviews will be held on November 8, 2020 for Early Decision applicants and on February 7, 2021 and February 14, 2021 for Regular Decision applicants.

Please visit the School of Art website to register for an optional online interview. 

You will show your work by using the screen share function in Zoom.

There will not be time to look at every work in your portfolio, so plan to share a small selection of work that you consider your best work.

One easy way to show your work will be to simply login to your SlideRoom account (login before the start of the interview) and share the portfolio you are submitting to CMU. If you plan to share time-based work such as video or game design, keep in mind that time will be very limited, and plan to show only a short representative sample. Video playback may also not appear over Zoom.

School of Art Faculty are also interested in seeing your sketchbooks, website, side projects that you may not have included in your portfolio, etc., so we recommend that you have some of those items at the ready to share as well.