Admission Process Overview

Carnegie Mellon offers the following BXA Intercollege Degree Programs:

The BXA programs allow students who demonstrate interest and accomplishment in the fine arts, as well as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or computer science, to explore beyond the traditional academic major, or integrate more than one field of study across disciplines. These programs foster the creativity of students who explore innovative approaches to the academic environments of two colleges. The BXA programs aren't a double-major or dual degree, but an intercollege degree program.

To be considered for the BXA programs, select the College of Fine Arts school that you wish to apply. You'll then be asked if you’d like to be considered for a BXA program and note your interest in either the Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts (BCSA), Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) or Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA.) Applicants will be considered for both the fine arts school as well as the specific BXA program indicated as part of the admission process. Students selected for the BXA programs will receive notification in their admission decision letter.

BXA options aren’t available to students applying to the School of Drama options in Acting, Directing and Musical Theater. Under Early Decision, BXA is only available for the Schools of Architecture, Art, Design and School of Drama options in Design/Production.

Application Options for BXA Students*

  Early Decision Regular Decision
Architecture               BXA options available BXA options available
Art BXA options available BXA options available
Design BXA options available BXA options available

BXA options available for:

  • Drama Design
  • Production Technology & Management 

BXA options available for:

  • Drama Design
  • Dramaturgy
  • Production Technology & Management
Music BXA options NOT available

BXA options available for:

  • Audio Recording & Production
  • Composition
  • Music Performance
  • Musicology
  • Sound Theory & Practice

*Applying to BXA means you cannot be considered for a second college/program outside of your CFA and BXA choices.