Campus Life


The Carnegie Mellon experience doesn’t end inside the classroom. As a Tartan, you’ll meet and learn from a geographically and academically diverse group of people during your time as an undergraduate student.

If you have questions about campus life, student life, or going to college in Pittsburgh and would like to ask a current student, email with the subject line “Student Insight” and we’ll connect you with a student ambassador.  

Carnegie Mellon School Spirit and Traditions

School spirit and traditions at Carnegie Mellon include a lot of plaid, bagpipes, buggy races and a Spring Carnival that's the social event of the year.

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Student Activities

Carnegie Mellon students work hard in the classroom, but they're also active outside the classroom in everything from sports to volunteer work to the arts.

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Resources for International Students

Carnegie Mellon students come from over 65 countries. We offer many resources so that our international students feel right at home.

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Student Services

Carnegie Mellon provides students with a variety of services and amenities to help them make the most of their college experience.

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