Culture and Diversity of Student Life

Carnegie Mellon students can explore a wide range of student organizations and activities

campus life

At Carnegie Mellon, you can make your experience your own. Explore different student organizations, majors and classes, clubs, and communities. Opportunities are available as soon as you step foot on campus as a first-year student. It’s possible to remain involved in activities that characterized your high school experience while trying something entirely new or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Our Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE) office makes it easy for you to get acquainted with our 280+ student-run organizations ranging from artistic to religious, professional to gaming, even martial arts! In the fall and winter, SLICE hosts a Student Activities Fair where all student-run organizations recognized by student government showcase their organizations and recruit new members. As a first year student, you have the opportunity not only to explore these organizations, but to find your niche at Carnegie Mellon.

If you’re anything like Edward Ahn, a junior Electrical and Computing Engineering major in our College of Engineering, then you have passion beyond your major interest. Edward serves as a member of the Robotics Club executive board, a setter on the club volleyball team and a leader in Greek Life. He had his sight set on robotics his freshman year because he didn’t have a robotic background in high school - joining the club exposed him to Carnegie Mellon’s first autonomous buggy named “Robobuggy.” Being involved in many clubs helped him reach people he wouldn’t have met otherwise. He said, “I’ve gained a lot of personality from doing both, giving me places where I can relax and follow my passions that aren’t just in academics.”

Through our annual Volunteer Fair, Carnegie Mellon additionally makes it incredibly easy to give back to the broader Pittsburgh community. With opportunities to connect with over 50 local nonprofit and campus service organizations, students have the ability to explore their passion for community service, activism, or philanthropy. Opportunities are available at every level of engagement for those interested in small-scale service opportunities on campus or for those interested in kick-starting a broader activism project in the Pittsburgh community.

Overall, we believe in building a community that supports your social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, so you can thrive both inside the classroom and on campus. There’s no one path to success here and that’s what sets us apart. It’s no secret that Carnegie Mellon students are superb in the classroom - academics are at the forefront off what we do, but it’s not the only thing that’s important.

Looking beyond the direct opportunities for involvement here on campus, some would argue that what makes Carnegie Mellon most unique is its positive, collaborative, engaging culture. Senior Molly Whittaker reminisced over her past few years in Pittsburgh, saying, “I'd say my experience has been shaped by the people here. Whether it was professors or fellow students both in and outside of my majors, I have always found that the community really looks out for one another.” Between the support systems fostered within our residential communities and the opportunities to connect through organizations across campus, students have infinite opportunities grow their Carnegie Mellon network. Molly said it best - “I've seen it and experienced it personally. I think what may be most noteworthy, though, is the way the people here come together to celebrate, to build, to perform, and to really build up each other.”

At Carnegie Mellon, our students are able to both shape and explore their academic, personal, and extracurricular experiences. The opportunities are endless. You have the ability to create your ideal community - just think, what do you want out of your college experience?