Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) is Carnegie Mellon’s liberal arts and professional studies college. While it offers over 60 majors and minors you’d expect to find in a liberal arts environment, the Dietrich College is no ordinary liberal arts college.

Dietrich College students complete a comprehensive general education curriculum that spans their four years at Carnegie Mellon and five content areas: Communicating, Reflecting, Modeling, Deciding and Creating. Students have up to two years to declare their major.

Dietrich College students explore a wide range of academic interests from history and public policy to creative writing and cognitive science. They study with leading faculty who are pioneers in their fields, such as decision science, international relations and philosophy. With its interdisciplinary character, Dietrich College students learn how to research and collaborate with others across academic boundaries to develop valuable real-world problem-solving skills.

About the First Year Class

Average Unweighted GPA:3.86Class Rank:6%

SAT Middle 50 Percent

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 710-760Math: 740-800

Average ACT

English: 34Math: 33Composite: 33

Undergraduate Research

Where's the Class of 2017?

Our multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems, an equal commitment to both undergraduate and graduate education and a demand that our faculty be excellent teachers as well as pioneering researchers. Known for its interdisciplinary culture, the Dietrich College encourages students to research and collaborate with faculty and fellow students throughout the college and Carnegie Mellon. This allows students to learn how to solve complex problems outside of the confines of one discipline.

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