Diversity & Inclusion


The Carnegie Mellon community is made up of highly talented students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents from all over the world. As individuals, we have many kinds of creative talents and intellectual strengths; as a community, we are widely regarded as a place where people connect and collaborate across disciplines to solve critical societal challenges.

Attracting and retaining a diverse community remains important to Carnegie Mellon. We continue to work to recruit and retain students from under-represented backgrounds, including those who seek to be the first in their family to graduate from a four-year institution. The university is also focused on inclusive policies and practices that build a sense of community among people with many backgrounds, skills, and strengths.

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Carnegie Mellon's Office of Admission is committed to recruiting and enrolling students from many backgrounds and cultures.

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Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for the university. We recognize that cultivating diverse perspectives and promoting inclusion will fuel the intellectual vitality essential for the health and progress of our campus community.

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Our university values include impact, inclusion, empathy & compassion and collaboration.

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Carnegie Mellon offers a wide array of academic programs, majors and minors, within six undergraduate colleges and inter-college degree programs.

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Resources like FastWeb.com and Raise.me can help connect you to scholarships to help fund your college education.

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Are just a few examples of active multicultural organizations here at Carnegie Mellon.

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Our goal is to create an atmosphere that cultivates a sense of community and diversity at Carnegie Mellon while also embracing each student’s individuality.

T   Tartan Community

Tartan Community

We foster a student experience founded upon intellectual, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural growth.

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Carnegie Mellon is committed to providing a safe campus for all students, domestic and international. #YouAreWelcomeHere


Student Organizations

Diversity is something we embrace and celebrate every month of the year on campus with our 400+ student organizations.

Learn more about Carnegie Mellon's Student Organizations

Student Services and Resources

Carnegie Mellon has a broad spread of resources for our students, and we have dedicated staff to support students across all dimensions of the campus experience.

Learn more about Student Services and Resources

Application and Financial Aid Support

Applying to highly selective colleges can be an unfamiliar process. Carnegie Mellon is committed to supporting you and your family during this time. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can assist you through the admission and financial aid process.

Learn more about the admission and financial aid process

Fly In Program

Experience the diverse academic, extracurricular and cultural facets of our community when you attend our fly in program, Celebration of Diversity.

Learn more about Celebration of Diversity Weekend

Diversity Hometown Admission Counseling Sessions

If you’re a rising high school senior, an admission counseling session in your hometown can help you determine if Carnegie Mellon is a good fit.

Learn more about Hometown Admission Counseling Sessions

Summer Opportunities for Access & Inclusion

From the Summer Academy for Math and Science, a six-week STEM-focused experience, to programs related to the fine arts or artificial intelligence, Carnegie Mellon offers a variety of summer programs.

Learn more about Carnegie Mellon’s Summer Opportunities for Access & Inclusion

Striving for Access and Equity in Admission

Learn about inclusion as a part of our admission consideration