Admission Process Overview

The School of Art at Carnegie Mellon considers, in practical and visionary terms, the role of art and the artist in society. Our broad-based, four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program is designed to develop in the individual the commitment, knowledge and skills necessary to work as an innovator of culture in a rapidly changing world. 

We seek creative students with a wide range of talents, aptitudes and backgrounds. Admission decisions are based on a holistic consideration of each applicant’s portfolio, alongside their academic and other achievements. Applicants are considered for fall semester admission only. 

More than 40% of School of Art undergraduates pursue interdisciplinary degrees, including the various BXA Interdisciplinary Degree Programs, minors, double-minors, second majors, and double-degrees.

Carnegie Mellon's School of Art:

  • Combines the advantages of a renowned studio program with the interdisciplinary resources of a top-tier university.
  • Offers breadth and depth through an inclusive approach toward educating artists.
  • Encourages experimentation and hybrid processes while engaging the history and traditions of art.
  • Fosters problem-solving skills and the ability to work creatively in a complex, rapidly changing world.
  • Provides versatile training, from professionally active faculty who focus on students as individuals.
  • Ensures broad and balanced exposure to a wide range of media, embracing new and established technologies.
  • Engages with local and international communities through courses, events, internships, and study abroad.
  • Cultivates and celebrates diversity in educating the shapers of future culture.
  • Contributes to a city and region with countless cultural and recreational opportunities.
  • Provides 24-hour access to state-of-the-art facilities in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Offers career guidance, to help its alumni succeed in the world with creativity and intelligence.