Carnegie Mellon founded one of the first computer science schools in the world. Dating back to 1965, The School of Computer Science (SCS) consistently ranks among the top computer science programs. By offering many areas of concentration, the SCS undergraduate curriculum ensures that students have the skills to remain current as technology and systems change. Students have the opportunity to declare their major in SCS in the spring semester of freshman year. Students have the opportunity to conduct research. Twenty five years after its official founding, The School of Computer Science remains a home for visionary leaders and legendary achievements in the field of computer science! With a fall 2020 class of nearly 50% women, Carnegie Mellon additionally stands as a leading institution for women in computer science.

About the 2020 First Year Class

Average Unweighted GPA:3.95

SAT Middle 50%

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 770-780Math: 800

ACT Middle 50%

English: 35-36Math: 36Composite: 35-36

Undergraduate Research

Where's the Class of 2019?

The Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science is recognized around the world as a leader in all facets of computer science and robotics education. Respected international surveys have consistently ranked Carnegie Mellon's graduate programs in computer science among the best in the United States. SCS also is ranked highly in specialty areas such as programming languages, artificial intelligence, systems and theory. A survey by the editors of The Wall Street Journal ranked our undergraduate computer science program No. 1 in the United States among corporate recruiters.

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