At Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design, we believe design to be a humanistic discipline: the art of conceiving, planning and shaping products that are made to serve people in answer to their individual and collective needs and desires.

The Bachelor of Design degree (BDes) prepares designers for a world that places high value on the quality of human interactions. We develop and design products, artifacts, environments, systems, and services that support and enhance these exchanges.

The School of Design offers one degree:

Bachelor of Design (BDes)

Our design education focuses on learning by doing, a balance of theory and practice, and developing a student’s individual voice when solving problems for people.

By choosing among studio courses, you can specialize in one of the three tracks: Communications, Products, or Environments. If you'd like to expand your range, you can choose two of the three.

Sampling of Courses

Color and Communication
How People Work: Human Factors
Product Design

About the 2020 First Year Class

Average Unweighted GPA:3.79

SAT Middle 50%

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 690-730Math: 740-770

ACT Middle 50%

English: 35Math: 32-34Composite: 34

Undergraduate Research

Where's the Class of 2019?

Design has never been in greater demand than it is now. Businesses, government, and local communities are turning to designers for innovation and problem solving which has created new roles for designers in every sector of the marketplace. The demand for our graduates is increasing, and each year during Confluence, our career fair, many students receive offers of employment prior to graduation.

Amazing Alumni

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Fine Arts Admission Requirements