The Tepper School of Business is among the world’s best business schools. Both U.S. News and the Wall Street Journal business school rankings consistently place Tepper in the top 10 of undergraduate business programs. The Tepper undergraduate business program is based on a rigorous curriculum with a focus on the technical aspects of management coupled with a breadth of liberal education courses that take advantage of Carnegie Mellon’s six undergraduate colleges. The Tepper curriculum emphasizes quantitative decision making and an analytical approach to problem solving.

The Tepper School of Business undergraduate program is distinguished by its small size with a first-year class of around 140 students. Not only does this mean you’ll know the other students in your class, but also that you’ll have access to faculty and advisors from day one. Tepper undergraduate students share the same faculty as MBA and PhD students, including more Nobel Laureate faculty than any other business school in the world.

About the 2020 First Year Class

Average Unweighted GPA:3.88

SAT Middle 50%

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 730-760Math: 790-800

ACT Middle 50%

English: 35-36Math: 35Composite: 34-35

Undergraduate Research

Where's the Class of 2019?

Our graduates’ starting salaries are ranked among the highest in undergrad compensation, according to Businessweek, and one reason for our impressive employment and salary statistics is the marketplace recognition of Tepper School graduate preparedness. The rigor and caliber of our program has a reputation of excellence that exceeds that of many of our peers. From complex analytics and modeling to strategic planning, our undergraduate students perform at high levels and thus are among recruiters’ favorites. Our culture promotes exploration and exposure to diverse fields. Students take classes across various colleges, alongside students in different disciplines — contributing to a broader mindset and skill set.

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