An Undergraduate Psychology Degree Focusing on Pioneering Psychology Research

The Department of Psychology programs at Carnegie Mellon have long been noted as one of the pioneering psychology departments in the world, particularly in such areas as cognitive psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and health psychology.

The scientific orientation of the psychology programs serves students with broad interests, including clinical psychology. The department offers some clinically-oriented courses. In addition, students interested in clinical psychology have the opportunity to pursue internships in clinical settings.

The Psychology Department’s offerings go beyond the traditional psychology degree to include a cognitive science major and a unified major in Psychology and Biological Sciences.

The department’s degree offerings include:

Research is a major focus of the undergraduate programs in psychology. Many students perform research by working in a faculty lab, taking an independent course for credit, doing a senior honors project or volunteering to work with a graduate student.

The department also offers a minor in Psychology.